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Folding the unfolding brass for brass ensemble – 2018, 3 min.

I wish that there was something there for mixed ensemble and electronics – 2017, 11 min.

Self-portrait, reflection for mixed ensemble – 2016, 7 min.

This is fun for me, even if you don't think it is for flute and piano duo – 2015, 8 min.

Emptying the omission for mixed ensemble – 2015, 20 min.

Happy intervals, inevitable consequences for mixed ensemble – 2015, 7 min.

Contradictory Histories for violin & harp duo – 2013, 7 min.

Trajectories for string trio – 2013, 8 min.

Critical Distance for mixed ensemble – 2013, 14 min.

Krebs en Schütze for large ensemble – 2012, 8 min.

Hand I used to hold for large ensemble – 2011, 10 min.

Arguments Against Motion for mixed ensemble – 2011, 23 min.

The Failures of Marsyas for mixed ensemble – 2009, 9 min.

Matter for mixed ensemble – 2008, 11 min.

For Ilknur for bass clarinet – 2008, 4 min.

Cwmdonkin Drive for mixed ensemble with narrator – 2007, 12 min.

Lacking the door often requires of the window for solo cello – 2007, 6 min.

Hijway for solo tape – 2006, 2 min.

She said I could for large ensemble – 2006, rev. 2006, 6 min.

Fundere for mixed ensemble – 2006, rev 2007, 6 min.

Inclination for String Orchestra – 2005, 7 min.

To become a member you must do all of the steps for two organs – 2005, 3 min.

Twofold Refractions for 10 instruments – 2004, 9 min.

Le Lion abattu par l’homme for 3 voices and electronics – 2004, 3 min.

Caudalis for 6 trumpets – 2003, 6 min.

Time and Expectation for mixed ensemble – 2003, 6 min.

Tourniquet Mirage for orchestra – 2003, 13 min.

Seams for String Orchestra – 2000, 6 min.

Artesian Flow for large chamber ensemble – 2000, rev. 2002, 8 min.

Established time for solo trumpet – 1999, 6 min.

Entreaty and Elegia for Brass Quintet – 1999, 8 min.

Embers for Chamber Orchestra – 1998, 10 min.

Upon Billows for tape – 1998, 8 min.

remnants for two pianos – 1998, 7 min.

Inner dialogue for tape and electronics – 1997, 6 min.

Wspomnienie for Large String Orchestra – 1997, 5 min.





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